Let us meet our youth entrepreneur Md. Mozammel Hossain from Bakerganj, Barisal. He believes that only skills could break the barrier and pursue dreams of a youth! Mozammel received 3 day Soft Skill Training and 5 day Entrepreneurship Training consequtively organized by WAVE Foundation. He then started his own business as Taylor and established Thane Cloth shop with start-up finance support from WAVE.

Besides, being concerned about climate change as a sensable youth he started leading different social activities i.e. tree plantation, using vermin compost, stop using plastics as well as encouraging other youths to be entrepreneur. ‘Youth should not spend much time looking for a job rather they might be successful entrepreneur by developing their skills’ he says. WAVE Foundation wishes him all the success on his future efforts! To promote a positive enabling environment for youth to thrive, achieve their potential and contribute to their community especially that are hit hardest by climate change WAVE’s Empowering Yoth for Work (EYW) program came on boar

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