Building sustainable constituency on
COVID-19 prevention and preparedness


As Middle Income Country, Ensure Adequate Food & Nutrition
for the 35 Million extreme Poor & Poor


Ensure democratic decentralization strong local government and
accountable public services & institutions


Uplift self-employment into employment and
develop micro entrepreneurship


Accelerating affordable and easy access to financial and technical services for the
economic development of the poor emphasizing women and extreme poor


Reducing carbon emission through
increasing utilization of renewable energy


Improving livelihoods status of poor and
excluded people through inclusive actions


Ensure human and productive skill development
emphasizing on youth & women

Together Against COVID19

The outbreak of COVID-19 is spreading human suffering, crippling the global economy and upending people’s lives. Bangladesh government has taken various steps to prevent this highly infectious disease. However, the outbreak of coronavirus has put the general health system of Bangladesh on high alert while its facilities are already struggling to handle regular patients in the capital and elsewhere. The handling of this infectious disease is marked by such patterns of denial, panic and mismanagement. The crisis has already transformed into an economic and labour market shock, impacting not only supply but also demand. As a consequence, day laborers, working-class people, unemployed poor people, and lower-middle-class people are undergoing through the uncertainties of their livelihoods. People are forced to get out to earn their livelihoods not taking the fear of coronavirus into account, which has increased the risk of getting mass people infected by this virus. If not properly addressed the economic and social crisis created by the pandemic will increase inequality, exclusion, discrimination, mistrust and global unemployment in the medium and long term. In this critical situation, WAVE undertakes multifaceted activities and initiatives in different phases to combat the coronavirus and its resulting crisis. The organization has taken several measures to raise public awareness and sensitization in different working zones for preventing coronavirus including miking and leaflet distribution, distribution of various cleaning supplies and food assistance following the rules and regulations by the government. Besides, WAVE is providing special orientations to staff, program participants, encouraging communication to the nearest health center/hospital or IEDCR hotline if coronavirus infection occurs, maintaining regular contact with local public representatives and administration and disseminating information through youth engagement and social media. WAVE is confident about building a sustainable constituency of stakeholders on COVID-19 prevention and preparedness. Also, on improving the responsiveness and quality delivery of existing health services. WAVE believes that national and global collaboration during coronavirus is extremely important whereas we have to act with unity and work together in a collective response.


District Covered


Population Outreached


People Covered by Awareness & Sensitization


People Covered by Hygiene Promotion


Household Covered by Food Assistance


Cash Support (BDT.)



COVID-19: Food Assistance

COVID-19: Food Assistance

FOOD ASSISTANCE Goods distribution including food assistance among the workless poor and helpless families Chuadanga district Aiding the relief fund to all Upazila Executive Officers…
COVID-19: Hygiene Promotion and Package

COVID-19: Hygiene Promotion and Package

HYGIENE PROMOTION AND PAKAGE Activities of health goods distribution to prevent coronavirus Chuadanga district Masks distribution in Darshana municipal area: On last 25 March 2020,…
COVID-19: Awareness and Sensitization

COVID-19: Awareness and Sensitization

Placing billboards to create public awareness on coronavirus: On last 25 March 2020 afternoon a billboard was placed in Chuadanga court mor area to create…

WAVE Foundation

chasing a million dreams

WAVE Foundation is a civil society organization working towards establishing a society free from hunger and inequality. Founded in 1990, it has strived, through its programs, to promote rights and entitlement of the people especially poor and marginalized. Over the decades WAVE has helped millions successfully pursue their dreams. Its work has benefited the most deprived section of the society- some 17 million people living across 31 districts and 8 divisions of Bangladesh.



A Just and Prosperous Society


WAVE Foundation promotes rights and entitlement of the people. Organization’s priority is to include the poor and marginalized people in the development interventions towards sustainable livelihood, empowerment, equality, democratic governance and climate resilience.


We demonstrate our integrity through our commitment, honesty and work.

We hold mutual respect irrespective of position, age, gender, ethnicity religion and race.

We demonstrate accountability and fairness by abiding rules and policies at work.

We acknowledge professionalism at all aspects of work and life.

Besides our individual responsibilities we work in team to perform tasks.

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operational strategy

context and principeles of the 4th strategic plan (2019-2024)

Still 21.8% of the population in Bangladesh live below the poverty line, 11.13% of who are extremely poor (Source: Perception Survey, General Economic Division, Planning Commission, 2018). While consistent economic growth is improving living conditions, gaping inequality between the rich and the poor is proving hard to rein in. Moreover, the rights and entitlements of the poor don’t receive due attention – fundamental rights like right to food is still not guaranteed by law. WAVE has set its 4th Strategic Plan on the basis of its analysis of the context of Bangladesh, the 7th Five-Year Plan, Bangladesh’s growth potential in mid-term and long-term, the SDGs, and learning from the implementation of the third strategic plan.

Programatic Domain

WAVE has been carrying out its diversified interventions under three broad programmatic domains as set out in its
4th strategic plan-

Sustainable Livelihood Domain


Ensure sustainability of the livelihood of the poor and marginalized population through economic empowerment and employment.


Facilitate feasible livelihood interventions by providing skills,inputs, technology and finance along with using innovativeproduction process, expanding market baseand building organizations.


Democratic Governance Domain


Improve quality of people’s lives with prior focus on the poor and marginalized by obtaining access to rights and services, promoting institutional responsiveness and democratic practice.


Foster democratic practice in governance for ensuring responsiveness towards rights and needs of the people in delivering public services and facilitate social & policy advocacy with people’s agenda.


Social Development & Climate Resilience Domain


Social development and community empowermentwith capacity & confidence forobtaining right toresources and services and making climate resilient.


Empower people with the capacities of social cohesion,leadership, mobilization, negotiation, adaptation andprotection for attaining desired change incommunity and social lives.



A combination of service delivery, rights based and creative transformation,- an integrated approach able to address the urgent and immediate concern of the poor and structural dimension of poverty and inequality.

Networking, alliance, institution building, research, advocacy and campaign are the process that links macro-micro conditions and sustainability.

Integrated support services for all types of livelihood resources and conservation of nature.


Networking at various levels and policy advocacy are significant areas of WAVE’s programmatic strategy. WAVE has been coordinating a number of networks and has been affiliated with some, such as –

Networks, coordinated and facilitated by WAVE
Governance Coalition-GC is a national network of NGOs and Community Based Organizations (CBOs) involved in promoting responsive governance and rights of poor and marginalized people through raising awareness, campaign, lobbying and policy advocacy at local and national level. From the extensive experiences of field level program implementation since 1997 and logical sequence of its program learning WAVE facilitated the formation of GC in 2004. Gradually GC consists of 41 members working in 16 districts of Bangladesh. While continuing to work on own priorities, the members of the Coalition move together to advance common vision and mission towards promoting responsive governance in Bangladesh. WAVE Foundation coordinates and hosts its Secretariat.
People’s Alliance (LoakMorcha-LM) is a non-partisan and non-communal social organization associated with the representatives from different strata of society. Constituencies of LoakMorcha include leaders of civil society, volunteers, youths, self-motivated women and men, representatives of locally elected bodies, leaders of NGO beneficiary groups, NGO representatives and representatives of different professional associations. It is developed as a voluntary social organization in the grass root level aiming at strengthening local government, effective public service delivery and to mobilize public opinion against human rights violation. With the initiative of WAVE Foundation, GC facilitated the formation of 145 LoakMorcha and it exists at three local administrative tiers (in UP, Upazilla and District) of the program area since 2004 to February 2011. Later, the LoakMorcha of Chuadanga district are continuing their proactive role with the technical guidance of WAVE Foundation. More than 5000 male and female members were pro-actively involved under the banner of People’s Alliance (Loak Morcha) in as grass-roots civil society organizations at the Union, Upazila and District level through different governance and local government focused projects and campaigns. They were engaged in civic movement for pursuing people’s issues to the public service providers, local government representatives and local administrations. Presently, WAVE has been implementing 02 projects in Chuadanga, Manikgonj and Magura district through mobilizing and facilitating a total of 41 People’s Alliance (Loak Morcha) at the Union (35 LM), Upazila (04 LM) and District (02 LM) level.
Governance Advocacy Forum (GAF) is a national level platform that aims to promote democratic decentralization and local self-government through campaign and policy advocacy. GAF founded in 2007 undertaking policy advocacy for promoting strong local government. At present, the forum consists of 36 national and international NGOs, networks, local government platforms, institutions and civil society representatives working towards democratic decentralization and local self-government in Bangladesh.
Right to Food Bangladesh-RtF BD is an Umbrella Network of CSOs, NGOs, INGOs, networks, peasant’s organizations, women organizations, indigenous organizations, social movements, researchers, academia, trade unionist, youth, small-holder farmers, and other part of the society works towards ensuring right to food and nutritional security for all the people of the country. RtF BD is conducting Right to Food Campaign and undertaking multifaceted activities to accelerate the ‘Legal Framework on Right to Food’ and other relevant issues by engaging different entities with its perspectives and strategies. At present, more than thousand national and local level organizations are engaged with this network.
Bangladesh can translate the ongoing demographic dividend into a blessing by equipping youths with appropriate knowledge, skill and employment. A big part of proper utilization of demographic dividend also includes listening to the need, dreams and aspirations of the youth. However, youths lack space for coming together and sharing their views and dreams. Youth Assembly (YA) is a platform of WAVE Foundation aiming at creating a space for youths for sharing and action. This space includes both physical and virtual platform for leveraging youths with the advents of learning from each other by listening to each other and fueling their actions. The platform aims to empower young people and create a stronger community. It promotes leadership, skill, responsible citizenship for youth development and their participation in social development.
Affiliation with other networks
An international alliance dedicated to strengthening citizen action and civil society around the world. It focuses on three priority areas which are: i) protecting the rights of civil society; ii) Strengthening civil society good practices and iii) Increasing the influence of civil society. WAVE is a voting member of CIVICUS.
The Global Network of Civil Society Organisations for Disaster Reduction (GNDR) is the largest international network of organisations committed to working together to improve the lives of people affected by disasters world-wide. As Full Member of GNDR, WAVE demonstrates as an active civil society organisation and committed at an organisational level to being a part of the GNDR network.
An international platform gathers and mobilizes youth across the globe to work and learn from one another in the hope of realizing peace, envisions the unity among youth that transcends boundaries, races and religions.




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