Network and Alliance Facilitated by WAVE Foundation

LoakMorcha-LM (People’s Alliance)

People’s Alliance (LoakMorcha-LM) is a non-partisan and non-communal social organization associated with the representatives from different strata of society. Constituencies of LoakMorcha include leaders of civil society, volunteers, youths, self-motivated women and men, representatives of locally elected bodies, leaders of NGO beneficiary groups, NGO representatives and representatives of different professional associations. It is developed as a voluntary social organization in the grass root level aiming at strengthening local government, effective public service delivery and to mobilize public opinion against human rights violation. With the initiative of WAVE Foundation, GC facilitated the formation of 145 LoakMorcha and it exists at three local administrative tiers (in UP, Upazilla and District) of the program area since 2004 to February 2011. Later, the LoakMorcha of Chuadanga district are continuing their proactive role with the technical guidance of WAVE Foundation. More than 5000 male and female members were pro-actively involved under the banner of People’s Alliance (Loak Morcha) in as grass-roots civil society organizations at the Union, Upazila and District level through different governance and local government focused projects and campaigns. They were engaged in civic movement for pursuing people’s issues to the public service providers, local government representatives and local administrations.

Governance Advocacy Forum (GAF)

Governance Advocacy Forum (GAF) is a national level platform that aims to promote democratic decentralization and local self-government through campaign and policy advocacy. GAF founded in 2007 undertaking policy advocacy for promoting strong local government. At present, the forum consists of 36 national and international NGOs, networks, local government platforms, institutions and civil society representatives working towards democratic decentralization and local self-government in Bangladesh.

Right to Food Bangladesh (RtF BD)

Right to Food Bangladesh-RtF BD is an Umbrella Network of CSOs, NGOs, INGOs, networks, peasant’s organizations, women organizations, indigenous organizations, social movements, researchers, academia, trade unionist, youth, small-holder farmers, and other part of the society works towards ensuring right to food and nutritional security for all the people of the country. RtF BD is conducting Right to Food Campaign and undertaking multifaceted activities to accelerate the ‘Legal Framework on Right to Food’ and other relevant issues by engaging different entities with its perspectives and strategies. At present, more than thousand national and local level organizations are engaged with this network.

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