A mid-term review meeting of WAVE-DHAN FK Exchange Program held on 6-7 May, 2019 at WAVE Foundation Head Office, Dhaka. WAVE Foundation implements FK Norway Knowledge Exchange Program with the support of FK Norway. The project aims at the mutual exchange of employees between WAVE Foundation, Bangladesh and DHAN Foundation, India to promote improved livelihoods, unique products, innovation and entrepreneurship through enhancing knowledge & skills and sharing best practices in agriculture and livestock development. From 39 months (each round 13 months) long exchange program, participants aim at acquiring required knowledge, skill and experience to facilitate Farmers’ Producers Organizations-FPOs from DHAN Foundation and scientific rearing, household farm establishment and operational management and gene conservation of local variety of goat from WAVE Foundation.

The two-day-long mid-term review meeting held at the WAVE Foundation Dhaka office involved participants (Two from each of the partners) of the exchange program of the first round and personnel of the program, communication, administrative and finance division of both of the partners. FK Norway Program head Magnhild BØgseth, FK Norway representative There Lothe, Mr. Mohsin Ali, Executive Director, WAVE Foundation and Mr. M.P Vasimalaiwere also present.

The mid-term review meeting involving both of the partners and the donors was intended to review the progress, discuss key financial, administrative and communication issues and sketch out the way forward of the three-rounds program.

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