Four scientists from the Shibganj Spice Research Center of the Bagura district visited WAVE Foundation’s summer onion production exhibition plot. On the last 4 August 2020, they visited farmer Shaheen Sardar’s Bari-5 summer onion exhibition plot at Shahapur Mahadevpur of Ishwardi Upazila under Pabna District. Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) Dr. Md. Hamid Reza, Principal Scientific Officer (PSO) Dr. Md. K M Khalequzzaman, Senior Scientific Officer (SSO) Dr. Md. Nur Alam Chowdhury and Dr. Md. Mahmudul Alam visited the spice research center.

WAVE Foundation organized the event of visiting the summer onion exhibition plot. WAVE has significant interventions in producing year-round onions, income generation, employment creation, value chain development and implementing different development projects. Ishwardi Upazila Agricultural Extension Officer Mostofa Hasan Imam, Sub-Assistant plant preservation officer Ekhlasur Rahman, and WAVE Foundation’s project officer Agriculturist Nasir Uddin Ahmed were also present during the visit to the onion production exhibition plot.

Ishwardi Upazila Agricultural Extension officer Mostofa Hasan Imam mentioned that there were at least 50 summer onion production exhibition plots in Ishwardi. Among those, the exhibition plot of Shaheen Sardar at Sahapur Mahadevpur is remarkable. Farmer Shaheen has been trying his best to increase the production of the onions. He aims to cultivate and produce a massive amount of year-round summer onion.

The project officer Agriculturist Nasir Uddin Ahmed mentioned that alongside the microfinance loans WAVE has been working to improve the quality of lives of its program participants. For making the work of farmers easier at the field, WAVE has been bringing new innovations and technologies. He said that they are working on sapling production and year-round onion cultivation through the exhibition plot at Meherpur Sadar, Gangni, and Ishwardi.

After visiting the exhibition plot, Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) Dr. Md. Hamid Reza of Spice Research Center said that it was the first initiative to conduct research at the field level on the onion. Complimenting the work of the WAVE and farmers he said, the revolution will be brought on onion production in our country. He expressed interest to support the farmers providing necessary training and inputs.

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