After a long time, closure due to the outbreak of Coronavirus and prevention measures, the government had decided to reopen general stores, albeit on a limited scale, from May 10. WAVE Foundation and Darshana Shop Owners’ Association are jointly taking some significant initiatives to keep shop owners active in raising awareness among shoppers to avoid health risks and to motivate them to shop while maintaining social distance abiding by the health rules. Here 24 active members of the Youth Assembly and Youth Forum are working with Darshana Bazar Malik Samitee to implement various activities round the clock. Besides, a monitoring team consisting of officials from the Owners’ Association and WAVE Foundation has been formed to monitor whether the decisions taken are being properly implemented by the shop owners. The initiatives taken are-

  • Preparation and usage of 10 feet wide disinfectant footbaths at all entrances to the market;
  • All the entrances of the market are controlled by making bamboo structures at the entrance;
  • Keep disinfectant spray at all entrances and make sure all shoppers wash their hands;
  • Provide disinfectant spray/hand sanitizer for each store employee and customer;
  • Make sure everyone uses a mask;
  • Encourage shoppers to shop sooner at a certain distance by standing, with no seating arrangements;
  • Prohibit entry of rickshaws/vans/motorcycles and bicycles to avoid crowds in the market and set up bicycle stands outside the market;
  • Full-time awareness campaigns and street miking in the market;
  • Placing banners/festoons and billboard at all entrances to comply with the 14 rules directed by the Superintendent of Police;
  • Encourage drivers and passengers not to carry no more than two family members on the rickshaws/ vans and easy bikes on the road;
  • Encourage children and the elderly not to come to the market.
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