Women Rights and Gender Equality Program

Whilst poverty rates in Bangladesh have decreased in overall terms in recent years, vulnerability to poverty continues to have concrete gender dimensions. Significant disparities in employment and wage rates persist which, combined with considerable gaps in asset ownership, seriously limit women’s economic opportunities. Negative consequences of climate change have added new dimensions to the vulnerability of poor and extreme poor women. Gender-based capability poverty continues to be a key issue in the health and education sectors despite significant improvements in recent years and is reflected in poor nutrition, maternal morality and child mortality indicators – as well as gaps in primary and secondary enrolment versus completion rates, low achievement levels and high levels of adult female illiteracy. Whilst quota-based efforts have been made to increase the number of women in the public sector, there are still few women in decision-making position and even fewer in positions of political leadership. Gender-based violence is also increasingly understood to be serious and growing problem in Bangladesh and female poverty and its specific vulnerabilities is also reflected in the sizable numbers of women and children trafficked each year to neighboring countries and beyond. Women Rights and Gender Equality Program intends to promote the rights of women and gender equality through sensitization and creating access to service and inputs required to enhance their resilience.

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