Right to Food Bangladesh-RtF BD works towards ensuring right to food and nutritional security for all the people of the country and now around 916 organizations across Bangladesh are the members of the Platform and WAVE hosts its Secretariat.

On August 29 2018 a Special General Meeting of Dhaka Based Organizations and Networks has been held at Chhayanaut Bhaban, Dhaka to discuss the next course of actions of the Right to Food and Nutrition Campaign. Most of the invited Head of Organization/Network generously attended the meeting along with representatives in the meeting. The goal of the arranged meeting was to make the ‘Right to Food and Nutrition Campaign’ a success and to give the “Right to Food Movement” a momentum by combined effort.

The Special General Meeting was Chaired by the Vice President of Right to Food Bangladesh and the of Chief Director of Angikar Shomaj Bikash Kendra Engr. Muhammad Hilaluddin, a success by the presence of the panelists- Vice-Chairman of Right to Food Bangladesh and, Executive Director of Nari Maitree Shahin Akter Dolly, the Executive Director of INCIDIN Bangladesh A.K.M. Mostaque Ahmed, Secretary of  Right to Food and the Executive Director of ACLAB Syed Tarikul Islam, the Executive Director of Bikalpa Unnayan Karmosuchi Shamsul Alam and the Joint General Secretary of Right to Food and the Deputy Director Action Aid Bangladesh Aamanur Rahman and spontaneous participation of the Head of Organization/network and representatives, students from various educational institutions and others.

The Coordinator of the Right to Food Bangladesh Secretariat Kaniz Fatima conducted and moderated the program. Aamanur Rahman inaugurated the program with giving a hearty welcome to all the members at the stage, participants and representatives of the network and also the guests. He mentioned the beginning of the network which has started its journey since 2015 with more than 800 organizations.

Later on the General Secretary of the Right to Food Bangladesh and the Executive Director of WAVE Foundation Mohsin Ali discussed overall about the background, programs, implementation guideline and the initiative of implementing in the Dhaka city. Afterwards a brief discussion followed by a query session was held for the participating organizations/networks and.

Team Member of Right to Food Bangladesh Secreteriat  Nazma Sultana Lily discussed about how to keep on campaigning online and through social media.

Later on Professor Anis Alam Siddiqui, Food Engineering and Technology, State University; Md. Mahbub Alam Firoz, Executive Director of SHIELD; Kazi Shamsul Alam, Executive Director of BUK; Shahin Akter Dolly, Executive Director of  Nari Maitree; Zayed Iqbal Khan Coordinator of Bangladesh Krishok Federation; Subol Sarkar, General Secretary of Bhumihin Samity gave solidarity speech and commitment to collect signatures from their respective sectors. After that Mohsin Ali explains about some aspects and questions rose at the discussion section and later Vice-Chairman of Right to Food Bangladesh Engr. Muhammad Hilaluddin gave a brief speech with a closure to the program.

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