Bangladesh with its demographic dividend has a large youth population which could be a great bonus to its human resources and economic growth. But lack of productive skill and employability significantly diminishes that opportunity. Many of these youths do not have the skill that is in demand in today’s job market, rendering them a liability rather than resource. The traditional education system looks ill-prepared to impart the kind of skills that are required in this new era.


Entrepreneurship, new trades and vocational training need to be promoted to take advantage of the large youth population. This is precisely what WAVE is trying to pursue through its “Human and productive skill development program”.

Where to Reach

This program’s main objective was to provide technical skills to program participants to transform them into productive human resources.


Under the program WAVE is providing technical skills on different trades to youths and then linking them with the employers. The program also imparts knowledge and hands-on training to program participants so they can become self-employed. Economic empowerment aside WAVE is also conscious to sensitize the program participants on a range of social issues and is helping them to amplify their voice so they can have opinion on policies that have impact on their lives.


Human Development Training

The aim of the training is to develop conceptual clarification and skill enhancement of staff and program participants on respective program and beyond.   WAVE has a full-fledged Training Center to provide human development training to program participants as well as its staff.

Productive Skill Development Training

As far as productive skill development is concerned on mainly two groups: program participants and project staff. WAVE Trade Training Center with support from Bangladesh Technical Education Board provided training on Computer office application, tailoring and dress making and mobile servicing at the training center. Many of trainees have now found job or are self-employed.

Skill for Employment Investment Program (SEIP)

The main objective of the project is to provide need based skills training to the project participants and to ensure at least 70% of the trained participants are employed(both self-employment and wage/remuneration based employment) for increasing their financial capacity and establishing dignity of the individuals and the family so that they are able to sustainably improve their own livelihoods.

Empowering Youth for Work

The overall aim of the project is poverty reduction, youth empowerment and gender equality foryoung women and men living in rural climate-change affected areas. A total of 16,750 young men and women of age 15-29 would experience an improvement in their economic prospects in life through project’s various interventions. The project is being implemented in Bakerganj upazila of Barisal district with the support from Oxfam.

Centers under Human Resource and Productive Skill Development Program

WAVE Training Center, Chuadanga

To develop human resources including staff, partners, beneficiaries and other stakeholders, WAVE Foundation has incorporated training as an integral part of all programs. It has its own training centre in Chuadanga equipped with all the necessary and modern supports including accommodation facility. Through the training centre, WAVE also offers various need-based training courses for other NGOs and non-project participants. WAVE has deployed appropriate, qualified and professional training staff in the centre. Apart from the training centrestaff, WAVE has a Pool of Resource Persons to conduct various training sessions. Deputy Executive Director, Assistant Executive Director, Program/Project Coordinators and Deputy Program/Project Coordinators of various programs/projects, Head of Finance & Administration, Head of Internal Audit, Head of Monitoring Division, etc. of WAVE belong to the Pool of Resource Persons.Some external reputed persons of various organizations and local government expert individuals also belong to the Pool of Resource Persons who conduct various training sessions on need basis. Besides, Deputy Commissioners, Additional Deputy Commissions (both General & Revenue), Deputy Directors of Local Government (DDLG), UpazillaNirbahi Officers and Upazilla level Departmental Heads (Health, Agriculture, Education, etc.) are also invited as Guest Facilitators for the relevant sessions.

WAVE Trade Training Center, Darsana & Chuadanga

Create technologically sound, skilled and income-generating and productive people. Support self-reliance and solvency of the poor.

WAVE on-Farm Training Center, Koshaghata, Chuadanga

WAVE Foundation has been conducting action research on several crops and livestock associated with its various programs for up-gradation and quality enhancement. Apart from that, capacity development of the program participants and staffs is an integral part of what WAVE Foundation does. To that end, establishment of a resource center on a land of 09 acres has been underway since 2005 at Kosaghata village of Damurhudaupazila under Chuadanga district. Improved rice seeds are produced, marketed and branded as Angkur Seeds through action research at this center. A Black Bengal Goat-BBG Breeding Farm has been established at the campus in 2008 under Learning and Innovation Fund to Test New Ideas-LIFT Project supported by Palli Karma Sahayak Foundation. This Breeding Farm is playing a crucial role in preserving the genetic purity of BBG, distributing quality BBG doe to the poor program participants to generate income and alleviate poverty as well as providing technical assistance to the program participants for establishing BBG farm at their household level. Apart from that program participants receive technical training from the campus. The campus was formally named as ‘Canter for Development and Capacity-CDC’ in 2010.


Centre for Development & Capacity–CDC, Koshaghata, Chuadanga

WAVE has been conducting Action Research for improving the quality and productivity of its products and promoting innovative ideas. To achieve this, WAVE has been working on Black Bengal Goat Breeding farm, fish culture, rice seed processing and other innovations in its own campus situated in Koshaghata village near Chuadanga district town. Besides, the program participants are provided with skills development training in the campus. In 2010, the campus was named as ‘Center for Development and Capacity-CDC’. Organization is developing enterprises in the aim of sustainability of its programs.  At the same time, organization is operating on firm training center in CDC.

WAVE Agriculture Institute (Under Construction), Darsana, Chuadanga

Promoting food security, innovations of new strategies in agriculture, technology and knowledge based research, employment generation through human resources development-providing 4-years diploma in agriculture and other agriculture development issues.

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