Governance & Rights Domain

This domain guides our development initiatives with priorities and strategies in promoting and fostering governance and rights. In line with the thematic premise and strategies we intervene with a two-facet approach. In one facet, we promote democratic decentralization and develop interface between public service institutions and the people at the local level.  Similarly, at the local level, we work with local government institutions to enhance the system of governance by promoting participation of people from respective constituencies. Here, social advocacy is another phenomenal task we carry out for protecting rights of specific vulnerable groups and communities who are discriminated or deprived of justice in any particular issue, such as social safety net, products price discrimination, health, education, agriculture services etc. In this juncture, we tend to educate and empower targeted population with the knowledge and examples of democratic norms, practice, accountability, transparency, responsiveness and rule of law. In another facet, we facilitate policy advocacy. In the policy advocacy, we work to peruse people’s agenda for review, reformation and enactment of new policy. In the process of policy advocacy, we conduct research, alliance building, networking, campaign and lobbing. We participate in the regional and global advocacy platforms as well. This domain allows us to facilitate responsiveness of public service institutions, responsiveness of LGIs, local governance, democratic decentralization and strong local government, right to food and nutrition, so on.


Accountable Governance & Democratic Decentralization Program

Rights & Justice Program

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