Community Development Program

Today Bangladesh stands at a vital crossroads in its development path making remarkable attainments in many of the development indicators despite being susceptible to the worst effect of climate change. At the national level, the frequency of disasters in Bangladesh has resulted in significant increases in expenditure and reduction of revenue. At the local level, exposure to recurrent disasters and repeated economic loss suffered by the most vulnerable people is directly contributing to the persistence of pockets of extreme poverty. In the traditionally disaster-prone areas of the country, 44 percent of households have been affected by disasters more than once, and development outcomes in health, education, and access to electricity lag behind. The people living in these areas are not moving out of poverty but are held back by the recurring need to rebuild and recover. Therefore, building the resilience of the communities demands particular attention.  In common usage resilience typically relates to the ability of systems (and people) to effectively respond and adapt to changing circumstances and to develop skills, capacities, behaviors and actions to deal with adversity – ‘resilience’ can be described as a process of adaptation before, during and after an adverse event. The definition recognizes that resilience can be observed and strengthened at various level; individual, household, community, local government, national government and global level also. This program intends to enhance the ability of the targeted communities exposed to disasters, crises and underlying vulnerabilities to anticipate, prepare for, reduce the impact of, cope with and recover from the effects of shocks and stresses without compromising their long-term prospects by making the proper utilization of their available resources. WAVE currently implements six projects under this program as stated below;

Enhancing Resources and Increasing Capacities of Poor Households towards Elimination of their Poverty-ENRICH Program

ENRICH is a program conducted at the grassroots level focusing for overall household development of the poor. The program targets poor families, working with them to enhance and maximize the utilization of their resources and skills. ENRICH aims to alleviate poverty not only through income generation but through a holistic approach targeting other crucial aspects of human life including health, education, youth development, community development, etc. This is a people-driven integrated development pursuit aiming at accelerating sustainable development. It also helps and creates mechanism for them to work with relevant institutions and larger communities for effectively preparing for responses to natural disasters and put in place a new and effective method of GO-NGO collaboration for development from below. WAVE implements the project in Jibonnagar & Damurhuda Upazilla in Chuadanga district and Singair Upazilla in Manikgonj district with its own fund and support from PKSF.

Uplifting the Life-standard of Elderly People Program

Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has formulated a policy titled ‘National Elderly People/Senior Citizen Policy 2013’ to ensure a dignified, poverty-free, sound and secure social life for the elderly citizens of our country. To that end, Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation-PKSF has designed a project named ‘Elderly People’s Program’ to implement through its partner NGOs. The initiatives under this project are; establishing social centre for the senior citizens; introducing and providing old allowance; bestowing honour to the senior citizen as the best service providers of the nation; introducing special credit and training for ultra-poor senior citizen; initiating geriatric nursing facilities and organizing training for developing Para-Physiotherapist and provide special social service package for the senior citizens. WAVE Foundation implements this project in 07 Unions of ENRICH working area & Darsana Pourashava under Jibonnagar & Damurhuda Upazilla in Chuadanga district and Singair Upazilla in Manikgonj district with its own fund and support of PKSF.

Adolescent Program

The Adolescent Program aims to enhance awareness and exercise values by the targeted adolescent; leadership and life skill development; improvement of nutrition and health services and advancement of sports and cultural activities. To foster the development of targeted adolescent girls & boys the project intervenes the Club and Forum formation; organize workshop on menstrual health management including sanitary napkin distribution;  organize nutrition camps and ideal cooking exercise; facilitate training on leadership and career development; organize debate & sports competition;  undertake social action to combat the violence against women, child marriage, forced marriages, dowry etc.; organize campaign against drug, corruption and terrorism etc. WAVE implements the project in 10 Upazillas in Chuadanga and Kushtia district with its own fund and support from PKSF.

Promoting Pro-people Public Services through Strengthening Social Capital with the support of Local Administration (LoakMorcha) Project

The LoakMorcha project aims to build capacity of the organized citizen groups so that they can raise voice to the local service (health, education, agriculture, social safety net and protect & prevent violence against women) delivery institutions & local administration; facilitating lobbing, dialogue, sharing meetings, public hearing, social audit etc. by the organized citizen groups to increase the access of mass community in mentioned GoB services and to increase the responsiveness of the local government, local level GoB service delivery institutions & local administration towards pro-people services. For achieving the program goal & objectives, the project intervenes the formation & awareness of ward level 57 Community Groups; capacity building training for Union Parishad Representatives; functioning of relevant Union Standing Committees); formation and capacity building of 22 People’s Alliances (LoakMorcha) and mobilize them to undertaking advocacy initiatives towards responsive public services; conducting social audit and sharing findings with the respective GoB service providers & local administration; National level policy advocacy on field findings etc. WAVE implements the project in 19 Unions of Jibonnagar & Singair Upazillas in Chuadanga and Manikgonj district with its own fund and support from PKSF.

Out of School Children Program

The out of school children program aims ‘to create second chance education opportunities for out of school children ages between 8-14 years (dropped out or no enrolled in school yet) and bring them into mainstreaming education through non-formal education program’ and ‘to transform the students into productive citizen through providing technical or quality training those who successfully completion of the primary education’. For achieving those objectives, the program intervenes to conduct the baseline survey, learner selection, necessary materials supply, establishment and running of the learning center, formation and functioning of Center Management Committees-CMC, facilitate training & refresher training for the teachers, conduct grade final and PEC exams, organize sprots & cultural events, day observance, conduct regular monitoring etc. WAVE implements the project in 02 Upazillas in Chuadanga district with financial support of Bureau of Non-Formal Education under the Ministry of Primary & Mass Education, the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

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