Rights & Governance


Over the last 47 years after independence, Bangladesh has been progressed remarkably in case of overall economic development and some social indexes, even though a number of limitations and challenges in different sectors exist. Despite being an important factor for sustainable development, country is still far away to ensure rights and justice for all. Centralization of power in governance process, absence of participatory practice in democracy, unenthusiastic political culture, weaknesses in the efficacy of guardian institutions and rule of law, failure of bureaucracy dependent development process with bribe-corruption, on the whole lack of good governance is one of the major obstacles in the progress of our country. WAVE Foundation continues to bolster its work on upholding rights of the people and strengthening governance systems through broaden its work with local and national governments, and public institutions, networks and coalitions. Decentralization, rule of law and entitlement issues continue to remain WAVE’s main driver to bring about social and economic justice to its program participants and others. It maintains focus on marginal and disadvantage groups and women through pro-poor and inclusive planning and implementation of programs and projects. Where feasible, WAVE integrates the beneficiaries with its serves. Under its Rights and Governance Sector organization implements different activities in promoting democratic decentralization and local self-government, fiscal decentralization, responsive public services, effectiveness of local justice system (village court, activating arbitration council and Alternative Dispute Resolution-ADR, community legal services, community mediation etc. ), effective local governance, free & fair election, responsiveness of guardian institutions, SDGs, Right to food and social safety net program for marginalized, farmers rights, women, child and youth rights.


  Access to Rights and Justice

  Democratic Decentralization & Institutional Accountability



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