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Leadership Development Program-LDP

Projects<b><font color="#009900" size="2"><font color="#009900" size="2">Program: </font>Decentralization &amp; Responsive Governance<br></font><br>Leadership Development Program-LDP</b><br>The project intends to increase capacity and participation of citizens to effectively and actively engage in democratic processes and enhanced community development in Bangladesh. Supporting to build up the capacity of community leaders and youth leaders (40% females) to become the change agents of the process through training is the major activity. The initiative opens a dimension to increase communication between local government representatives and community leaders and create joint mechanisms on development and social initiatives. Also increase policy impacts resulting from youth-led policy initiatives. The project is implemented in 15 Unions of Bagharpara, Rupsha and NatoreSadarUpazilla under Jessore, Khulna and Natore district respectively. USAID through Counterpart International supports the project.

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